BakBot Backup Solution

BakBot is an automatic file backup solution for Windows NT, 2000, XP and higher. It offers the ability to easily plan, configure and automatically execute backup jobs. A backup job can contain an unlimited number of files, folders and also registry keys. It supports the standard Zip format and the new formats 7-Zip and Zip64. You can also use your preferred archive tool instead (for example WinZip or WinRar). BakBot is so freely configurable that it can nearly be used with any other program. Additionally, BakBot offers the ability to automatically send e-mail notifications about the success of a backup job.

Backups can be mirrored to any number of destinations.
The current status can be monitored with a browser also via Internet.
Archives can be sent automatically as e-mail attachments or can be transferred to an FTP server.
BakBot supports 256 Bit encryption to secure your data.
BakBot consists of a Windows service to automatically carry out backup jobs and a graphical user interface for configuration and scheduling.

BakBot is shareware!